Accurate energy yield assessments in minutes.
Not weeks.

Use our rapid online analysis system to bid with higher confidence.

Image of stopwatch, conveying how fast Boxkite is to run. Photo by Tsvetoslav Hristov on Unsplash.

Minutes. Not weeks.

Boxkite has developed a rapid online analysis system that quickly produces up to bankable-level accuracy energy yield assessments, allowing you to swiftly assess site feasibility, compare different layout options, and iterate site design, anywhere in the world.

Easily accurate

Our system incorporates years of consultancy knowledge and experience, with carefully derived automatic presets. Our detailed validation studies demonstrate the system’s accuracy and repeatability, providing confidence in global consistency when used by teams around the world.

Circular diagram showing Boxkite can be used to generate yield estimates throughout the life of a wind farm, from initial site finding through to decomissioning.

Yield for life

More than just a feasibility tool, it can be used onshore and offshore throughout the design process, with enterprise options to facilitate cross team working and management oversight.

The feature set is constantly expanding, with hindcasting and virtual masts based on public production data set to be implemented in forthcoming releases. Join our growing customer base and help to influence future developments.

A game changer in energy analysis

“We have been using the Boxkite system for almost a year now in our consultancy services. It has allowed us to deliver analysis and yield insights at unprecedented scale speed and accuracy, and without recruitment. We’re delighted to be able to bring the Boxkite system to a public user base.”

Matthew CollsĀ  (Director, Boxkite)

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