Operators and Owners

Track project performance quickly, easily and accurately.

Yield for life

More than just a feasibility and design tool.

“How much energy should the wind farm have made last month, if it was on budget?” – perhaps the most common energy yield question in operational wind farm management. 

The Boxkite hindcast system uses its high fidelity analysis engine to provide an estimate of the expected production each month.  The system is configured with your long-term P50 yield budget, and runs a simulation with each month’s climate data and loss assumptions. 

Simply subscribe to any operational project through the online platform to receive expected production data a few days after the end of each month, in plenty of time for monthly reporting cycles. 

Easy LDs 

When a liquidated damages (LD) claim for lost production is necessary, estimating how much energy was lost can be difficult.  Boxkite provides hour-resolution expected production to support your claim or validate the claims of others. 

Embracing change 

Changes are often proposed at operational wind farms, such as construction or removal of neighbouring projects, extensions, changes to export capacity, turbine power curve and more. 

Boxkite provides an easy and quick way to assess the impact of these changes on yield.  Start with your current budget P50, and see how it’ll move when the configuration changes. 

When the change takes place, this new configuration can be adopted for the hindcast. 

How is Boxkite useful for other roles?

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