Boxkite – how does it work?


Our online analysis system is easy to use. GIS, onsite data and even prior experience are not required.

Rapid and user friendly

Our system is user friendly and requires little training. Set a boundary, build the layout, select the turbines and run. Results are generated in minutes. Not weeks.

Our consultancy team are also on hand to run analyses for you and provide fast, expert, independent advice.

Rotating screenshots showing the sequential steps to generate an energy yield result in Boxkite. Demonstrates how quick and easy it is to generate results.
Example waterfall chart for a random windfarm showing size of various losses (such as availability and wake effects), and how they combine to form the gap between net production and gross production. Image has been included to demonstrate it is easy to extract key information from the automatic results output.

Extract results quickly and easily

Our system automatically provides good, consistent spreadsheet outputs for use in onward analyses.

Key data that can be exported includes hourly wind farm simulation data and long-term reference wind speed data.

PDF reports are also automatically generated for each calculation, summarising key results and associated risks.

Energy analysis for everyone

Our system is designed for analysis teams, developers, investors, consultants and portfolio owners – everyone who has an interest in how wind farms might or do perform.

Explore our example use cases to discover how it will help you and our team.