What is Boxkite?

Rapid wind farm energy analysis for everyone.

Directly use our validated online energy analysis system to investigate energy yields for multiple wind farm layouts, all in the time it takes to get a cup of coffee.

Or use our consultancy service to help you get fast, cost-effective results and advice.

Fast layout design

Our system has fast automatic and manual layout design options. Drag and drop industry standard turbines or grid offshore. Adjust spacing, wind resource, set-backs and other variables as needed.

(GIS upload also available)

Simple to use

Design the layout, enter the hub height, and our system can do the rest. Public wind data is used automatically. Modelling coefficients and losses are all preset based on our years of consultancy experience.

(Settings can be adjusted if required)

Life cycle driven data fidelity

Use the built in global wind atlas layer, our calibrated layer (N Europe), our virtual mast library from public production data [coming soon] or upload onsite data.

(Choose the appropriate fidelity for the stage in the project’s life cycle)

Screen shot of Boxkite Analysis System showing a contour map of severe flow loss for wind farm on a ridgeline. Image provides evidence that the system generates useful results easily.

Rapid online analysis system

Login and quickly design your windfarm using industry standard components.

Get accurate energy yield results within minutes. Adjust the inputs and run again as needed.

Automatic report generation and data output.

Consultancy service

Discuss your requirements with our team.

Fast, independent, bankable analysis, optimisation of projects and expert advice.

View results online with a read-only licence.

Trusted by world leading organisations

Our consultancy service has used Boxkite’s system to deliver work around the globe for world leading organisations.