The methodology inside our online analysis system

An innovative approach based on best practice processes.

Our online analysis system is founded on the trusted industry approaches for bankable yield analysis

We have used our years of consultancy experience to expand and enhance these techniques, and incorporated the benefits of recent technology advances.

The result is a rapid online analysis system, producing bankable quality yield analysis in minutes. Not weeks.

Global wind data sets

Wind speed estimates are generated from global data sets such as the Global Wind Atlas and the New European Wind Atlas (NEWA).  With Boxkite you can get energy yield results before you record any wind data. Start the design iterations early so the masts or LiDARs go in the right place first time.

ERA-5 to enable time series modelling

Time series energy analysis brings new levels of accuracy, and powerful results sets, to understand project value in detail. Boxkite holds long-term ECMWF ERA-5 data at hourly resolution and global coverage for immediate access.

Wake modelling

Wake modelling accuracy is vital for large wind farms, particularly offshore. Boxkite uses the latest TurboGaussian modelling methods, and has completed one of the largest validation studies industry-wide, to give exceptional confidence in the results, from feasibility to final analysis.

Calibration of wind atlas

Boxkite allows continual refinement towards bankable-level accuracy. Wind data from multiple masts on site can be used to calibrate the wind atlas locally, and refine the P50 as datasets are collected.

An example of a generic turbine power curve automatically generated by Boxkite. This feature allows analysis to be carried out before manufacturer's data is available.

Automatic power curve generation

Boxkite can generate an accurate power curve for any turbine geometry, based on standard assumptions for peak power coefficient and turbulence intensity.

This approach has been used to build a comprehensive library of indicative power curves for existing turbine types.

The same approach is also available to users, for generation of indicative power curves for any turbine for which the rated power and rotor diameter are known.

Comparisons have shown that the power curves derived using this method are close to those provided by manufacturers.  When the manufacturer’s data arrives, upload the new power curve and recalculate in seconds to refine the yield results.

Confidence in our results

Find out more about the huge volume of testing we’ve carried out to confirm the accuracy of our system.