Analysis Managers

Empower your teams to produce fast, accurate analysis consistently around the world.

Global consistency built in 

A huge challenge for analysis team managers is getting consistent analysis done by different team members, across different offices, on projects around the world.  Boxkite delivers a single analysis platform, with fixed, validated analysis methods, so consistency is guaranteed out of the box.  Refine when you need to, but get consistency by default. 

Faster training 

Bringing new team members up to speed was traditionally slow, thanks to complex software tools, file formats and analysis paths. 

Boxkite allows new users to be productive after much shorter training periods, increasing team throughput, resource flexibility and profitability. 

Easily accurate; QC for free 

Quality control is often a major part of wind farm analysis as the steps can be complex and difficult to trace. 

Boxkite makes this much easier, since a major part of the analysis is handled by the system.  Simply check the inputs, and you can trust the outputs. 

Yield for life support

We never leave users on their own.  If you need support, training, or simply have a burst of work on, we’re here to help. 

Boxkite operates a hybrid platform/consultancy model, with experienced wind analysts on hand when you need them.  We can configure or review your projects for you, just like one of the team. 

Resource-balance with ease

We’ve all had enough of shared drives, files out of sync, messy folders or file names with “_final_final_v2” on the end.

Boxkite is cloud native, and analysis is shared team-wide.  Anyone can see who last updated an analysis and when.  This oversight allows the manager full visibility of team output, and the ability to balance workload globally. 

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