Bring a concept, get results.


Results with ease

Traditional wind farm design or yield analysis requires huge amounts of information from the outset: wind data, power curves, hub heights, spacing criteria, shapefiles and more.

Boxkite is different.  The system is built with the data and configurations built in, to provide yield results immediately.  You’ll never be asked which wake model configuration settings to use or anything else technical.  Boxkite already makes the right choices, based on our analysis experience and validation work. 


Key features for Developers:

Built in wind atlases

Allows early wind speed estimation anywhere in the world.

Click to add turbines

Easily add turbines to a map before a layout has been generated.

Global climate data

Enables site-specific turbine spacing.

Automatic power curve generation

Rapidly generated for any rated power and diameter turbine.

Extensive operational library

External wakes can be included with a single click.

Spreadsheet output

Facilitates easy design iteration comparisons.

GIS-compatible outputs

Easily shared with the rest of the team.

How is Boxkite useful for other roles?

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