Boxkite’s unique features

Our fast and accurate energy analysis system allows you to optimise layouts quickly, share projects easily, and manage risks automatically.

Accuracy and speed

Graph showing traditional methods have low accuracy and high speed at the start of the design process, transitioning to high accuracy and low speed at the end of the design process.

Traditional methods

Graph demonstrating Boxkite has accuracy and speed throughout the design process

Boxkite system

Unlike other tools, there is no trade-off between accuracy and speed. Boxkite is both highly accurate and extremely rapid at processing calculations. This unique functionality means Boxkite can be used for energy yield analysis throughout the design process, from feasibility studies to bankable analysis.

Optimise layouts quickly

The high speed of Boxkite’s system revolutionises layout optimisation; many layout permutations can be investigated to maximise yield.


Rotating screenshots showing how quick and easy it is to generate multiple scenarios and optimise results.
Screen shot of online system showing overview of different people's portfolios. Image demonstrates ease of sharing projects and ease of management oversight when using Boxkite's system.

Share projects easily

Boxkite’s enterprise features allow teams to share work easily, analyse more projects concurrently, and give managers full oversight of results.

Screen shot of risk register, showing summary of risks, severity and suggested mitigation.

Keep track of risks automatically

Boxkite’s automatic risk register highlights key opportunities for improvement.

Our new system for energy yield analysis:

Provides answers in minutes,
not weeks

Multiple sites and layouts can be analysed to reach the best energy yield, even in short bid timescales.

Highlights opportunities

The automatic risk register identifies opportunities to de-risk the investment and project development process.

Enables greater volumes of projects and options to be assessed

One analyst can investigate several sites concurrently, saving headcount and cost of staff time to complete the analyses.

Delays or removes need for measurement

Avoiding mast installation offshore saves time and cost in the development process.

Allows interactive site optimisation and prioritisation

Optimisation maximises competitive advantage and financial return.

Reduces uncertainties in results

Extensive validation using public wind speed and operational data means the uncertainties in LCOE are reduced.

An innovative approach built on industry proven techniques

Explore our technology pages to understand what’s behind our system.