“Can you just quickly change….?”



Fast and accurate

Boxkite has been built by wind farm analysts.

We know how disruptive “quick” changes used to be in the middle of long and detailed projects; we know that making last minute changes or doing traditional analysis in a rush inevitably carried an increased risk of mistakes. 

Boxkite changes that. Our system calculates full fidelity analysis every time.  There is no “quick look”, because it is all quick.  This means you can get the analysis done in confidence, and focus on the places you can add real value:  layout design iterations, monitoring campaign management, and detailed bespoke analysis. 


Refine as you go 

Our system is designed to allow you to start with assumptions, and replace them with data as the project matures.  Reruns are trivially simple, and the underlying analysis method remains totally consistent throughout. 

Here are some examples: 

Start with a built-in wind atlas.  Once measurements are available from site, this can be locally calibrated to increase accuracy. 

Start with an auto-generated power curve.  Add in a sales power curve when this is available. 

Start with sensible default losses and refine as required. 

Start with an automatic grid layout.  Update with GIS inputs once detailed constraints have been mapped. 

Bankable-accuracy for everyone 

Boxkite enables every analyst to do best practice defensible wind farm analysis.  There’s essentially no learning curve, and the analysis system is tied to Boxkite’s validation work automatically.    

The system uses a native timeseries based approach, and industry best practice wake modelling. 

See our Technology section for more information about the analysis methods we use, and our validation approach.

How is Boxkite useful for other roles?

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