Serious analysis in acquisition timescales.

Minutes. Not weeks.

Boxkite is built for the fast pace of an acquisition, providing the data and results required for financial modelling, with minimal input data requirements.  

There’s no need to rely on inconclusive document reviews or wait for slow consultancy delivery.  The system provides a unique capability to provide a full, consistent independent result set across major wind farm portfolios, leaving the bidder the best informed. 

Backed by experts 

Boxkite is an online platform, but you’re never alone with it.  We provide a hybrid service, with consultancy support to bolster your bid team with the technical expertise you need. 

Tailored financial modelling inputs 

A single click provides a full per-month budget yield forecast for the life of the wind farm.  This can be configured to include any changes over time such as phased construction, neighbouring project build-out, blade degradation profiles and more. 

The expected monthly seasonal profile is automatically applied, so no further analysis is needed.  

Boxkite also provides a full set of outputs for demand, storage or market analysis such as 8760s and 12x24s. 

How is Boxkite useful for other roles?

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