The building blocks inside our online analysis system


An innovative approach based on best practice processes.


Our online analysis system is founded on the trusted industry approaches for bankable yield analysis

We have used our years of consultancy experience to expand and enhance these techniques, and incorporated the benefits of recent technology advances.

The result is a rapid online analysis system, producing bankable quality yield analysis in minutes. Not weeks.

Building blocks

We expand on industry best practice using these key building blocks:

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– Public wind atlas for wind speed variation e.g. New European Wind Atlas (NEWA)

– ERA-5 to enable time series modelling

– Wake modelling using the TurboGaussian code in PyWake, with settings validated across operational European offshore wind farms

– Calibration of wind atlas

Feasibility tool

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Attribute 2

Boxkite system

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Attribute 3

Attribute 4

Traditional bankable analysis

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Confidence in our results

Find out more about the huge volume of testing we’ve carried out to confirm the accuracy of our system.